How to deal with Bowel movements problems in children

Constipation in a child is a problem that disturbs the parents and have qzz in your life.
They see the child exerting great effort and sometimes even suffering during the exit.
Diarrhea frightens parents because of the danger of dehydration.
First, we will define what constipation and diarrhea are, and then we will elaborate on different types of solutions and ways of solution that can already be implemented at home, while types are bound by the intervention of a healer or even a doctor.

Constipation is a very common problem in children.

Children and infants must remove feces every day, if there is no exit every day, it is constipation.

One reason is the weakness of the digestive system, especially of the spleen energy which fails to move the food well down. A second reason is the irregularity in eating and inadequate food that cause food to get stuck.

In the weakness of the digestive system, the key sign is weak appetite and selectivity in food. We also see a lot of sleep a day and wake up every two hours or so at night.
In a state of nutritional irregularity, red cheeks and lips appear, a very bad odor in the exits, sometimes even greenish exits – indicating a decay of food rather than digestion, a swollen stomach – because of blasts and fatigue and abdominal pain.

In both of these cases, nutritional change, beyond a balanced and balanced diet, and maintaining proper feeding times, are the first and most correct solutions.
Some children are constipated due to pain caused at the time of departure. Pain can be caused by an anal fissure, hemorrhoids, or simply by rectal contraction. Pain is the cause of constipation. This is a different type of constipation and its treatment is to move energy around the rectum to reduce pain, which requires intervention by a therapist.

Grandma remedies for constipation or hemorrhoids include: anise / fennel syrup, a little tomato, plum juice and fig juice on an empty stomach. For children over one year old: Licorice (licorice) with honey, crushed sunflower seeds mixed with honey in a glass of boiling water, can also be filtered and drunk on an empty stomach.

Diarrhea is a soft, watery exit more than four times a day in infants and more than three times a day in children over the age of three.
We distinguish between two situations:

  • Chronic diarrhea: stable condition, at least a week without rapid deterioration.
  • Acute diarrhea: A changing condition, deterioration in the child’s condition every day.

In a state of chronic diarrhea, we identify two causes: one is the weakness of the digestive system, and the other is a food attack.
The weakness of the digestive system does not allow for the transformation of food and liquids, and the formation of aqueous ports with undigested food.
In babies, White Flecks looks like milk that has missed feces. The children who had been mutilated showed undigested food, like leftover food.
The exits will have no real smell.
Food attack – A food attack is the result of several factors: a lot of food, irregular diet and inadequate nutrition.
Symptoms: Children with good appetite, bad smells, sour smell, sometimes green, may have abdominal pain or discomfort before exiting, the child can feel pain and even cry, the days of diarrhea can change in the days of constipation, the child is strong with red cheeks. The main difference between this situation and food stacks – multiple exits.
Even in these situations, nutritional change and transition to a balanced and balanced diet and maintaining the right feeding times are the first and most correct solutions.

Acute (acute) diarrhea is a condition of invasion of external pathogenic factors: heat and humidity or cold and humidity.
In the case of fever and humidity, the signs will be: bad smell, hot feces, fever, slight redness of the face, burning of a manus, pain during discharge, there may be mouth ulcers (red lesions with a white dot).

In the case of cold and humidity, it appears: watery and sticky glands, 6-12 times a day, paleness, cold sensation, odorless exits, abdominal pain with contractions.
Sometimes there are signs of heat and cold together, and in these cases the key point is moisture. The treatment of these cases will be done by a therapist or doctor.
Situations involving the weakness of the digestive system and the invasion of pathogenic factors are more dangerous and the most significant difference between them and the normal situation is the possibility of dehydration.

More serious situations are situations in which everything that enters comes out, it is a state of collapse of energy systems emergency situation requiring referral to the hospital. In these situations, an infusion should be used to receive fluids immediately.

For treating diarrhea conditions it is most important to drink a lot.
You can add carrot and rice to the drink or food (long carrots, rice, salt, and over a year of honey) to filter and drink the water. Another possibility is tea: Break up a bag of tea and give a little with the food, to large children on an empty stomach with little water.
In babies – massage the baby in the area of ​​the sacrum (the lower part of the back and the tailbone area), the baby massage with the fingers and a little baby oil: in constipation and diarrhea.