There are many ways to describe me. It just depends on who you are.

My hubby calls me “Supreme Honeybunny Almighty”. My son calls me “mom” and (when he’s upset with me), “you BAD mommy.” My family and friends have various nicknames for me but most are too embarrassing and require lengthy stories to explain.

I grew up in an itty-bitty town called Breese in Clinton County, Illinois. My parents and siblings (I am the oldest) still live in the area and I still keep in touch with many of my old friends there. The community is known for being very German, very Catholic, and very tight-knit.

Years ago, I earned my cheese as a reporter (working at The Breese Journal as well as a few other neighboring papers). After getting my degree in Journalism from SIUE, I moved to St. Louis and became a PR chick. I met the hubs at the engineering/architectual firm at which I worked.

Now? I’m a blog-writin’, classroom-volunteerin’, grocery-gettin’, dog-walkin’, chocoholic-hausfrau. Oh, and? I write for a few other sites. And? I manage review campaigns for PBN. And? I’m in the process of another creative endeavor. Can’t say much on that yet though.

These days, I’m trying my best to raise a little man who is and will grow into a kind, loyal, intelligent adult who respects women, cooks, cleans up after himself, and does not shirk changing the toilet paper roll when needed… Wish me luck. I need it. Oh and if you care? Here are some of the awards bestowed upon me by my awesomely hot blogging peers.