Three Interesting Items at a Recent Local Fair

A young pretty woman eating ice cream
A young pretty woman eating ice cream

Major fairs aren’t that common in the area where I currently reside that’s why I really tried to make time when I heard that a two-day fair was to be staged within the week. Of course, I was very curious to find out and to observe how country fairs proceed. I thought I couldn’t have a full life as a middle aged man in the countryside if I couldn’t attend even just one local fair.

I was really looking forward to the items to be exhibited in the fair, although I dialed down my expectations. Note to self: ” What’s there to find in a small rural area’s fair that cannot be found in the bigger fairs at the cities where I used to stay?” However, there’s still that bit of excitement and thrill to go around to see what the fair has to offer.

The following are the top three most interesting things I found at the fair:

Horse Sculpture Made with Scraps of Wood

This sculpture was not really one of the exhibits but just an adornment in one booth. I found it to be very interesting, though. It was created using twigs and scrap pieces of wood. It definitely looked impressive to me. The sculpture was not a full horse’s body but just the head part. At some angles, it looked like a dragon although the equine features are undeniable when looking at the sculpture head-on.

Unusual Plants

The fair was mostly about agricultural and local heritage products so there were many plants and crops featured. There were around five plant species that piqued my curiosity. They had unusual leaves with interesting colors. I just can’t remember the names but I had taken photos of these plants. It was the first time I encountered these plants. I’m thinking of writing another post about them after I do some research on these unusually attractive plants which can be smart and have qzz in your life.

Electric Power Washer

This one’s a rather odd item in the fair. I was wondering for whom it was being showcased. I can’t think of any practical use for this electric power washer in our neighborhood. I don’t think the local government would be interested in having it since we don’t really have any problem with graffiti that may require the cleaning power of pressure washers.

I can’t remember the specific model name or number of the power washer I checked out. However, it looks like a typical pressure washer. Its design is comparable to many of the electric pressure washers listed on power washer reviews like this one. It’s a relatively common model of pressure washer. it may not be the best electric pressure washer but it usually ranks well in pressure washer reviews and rankings. I saw something similar to this model back in the city and I can say it’s a good-performing one. The only thing I’m wondering, however, is the target buyer of this equipment in our locality.

Well, that’s it for my first local fair experience in the countryside. It was fun. There were quite a number of interesting items I found. I didn’t get to buy anything other than the two inexpensive potted plants I found appealingly unusual. I hope another similar event will happen soon.